The tooth jewels can simply be bonded to the tooth surface without preparation using
the conventional bonding materials. They put an extra sparkle into every smile.

Tooth jewellery is a cosmetic dental procedure in which diamond or any other stone is attached to the tooth surface in order to gain the spark and to look more fashionable.

Tooth jewellery are of the following types

Tooth Gems
Tooth gems are crystals of glass mounted on thin sheets of aluminium to create the attractive spark.

Twinkles are specially designed to be bonded to the tooth and its patented backside is similar to an orthodontic bracket which makes them to stay so long. they are pure gold and precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies in different shapes like diamond, star, triangle, heart shape, drop, navette and round shapes.

These are attached to healthy tooth with composite resin cement. They are bonded to the tooth without any pain, infection or drilling. They do not interfere with oral hygiene maintainence. They do not damage the tooth. It is easily removable.