Space closure can be done using a metal wire which will be bonded on your teeth by your orthodontist.

Spaces between teeth are usually formed when a person's teeth are too small for the jaw bone. They are also formed if there is an overgrowth of tissue that borders your gumline and the two upper front teeth. This overgrowth causes a seperation between these teeth resulting in a gap. Spaces are also formed due to incomplete orthodontic treatment.

There are various methods for closing the space between two teeth

  • If you have a single small gap less than 5mm, dental bonding or direct composite restoration might be the best option. It is not permanent and the composite material may stain overtime if you smoke or consume coloured foods and liquids.
  • If the teeth are discoloured or there are chips in your teeth in addition to gaps then veneers are the ideal option. They are custom made covers for your teeth and they provide dramatic and attractive results. They dont stain as they are made of ceramic and a cosmetic dentist can give you a perfectly adapted smile according to your eyes and facial anatomy.
  • If you have multiple gaps that exceed 5mm and crooked teeth then braces might be the best option. Braces straighten your teeth using wires that are attached to your teeth using composite material.