Pulpectomy - Root Canal Treatment

It is a dental procedure that involves removing the whole nerve from the crown,
down to the root of the teeth to treat infection and avoid tooth loss.

Definition of Pulpectomy for Primary Teeth

  • A technique to remove the entire pulp.
  • The removal of decayed and diseased pulp tissue followed by filling the root canals with resorbable cement.

Indications for the Pulpotomy

  • Cariously (cavity) exposed primary teeth, when their retention is more advantageous than extraction.
  • When inflammation is confined to the coronal (upper) portion of the pulp.

Indications for Pulpectomy of Primary Teeth

  • Cooperative patient.
  • Teeth with poor chance of vital pulp treatment (fillings).
  • Strategic importance for space maintenance.
  • Absence of severe root resorption.
  • Absence of surrounding bone loss from infection.
  • Expectation of saving the tooth.
  • Primary teeth with sinus tracts (pus).
  • Age of patient.

Contraindications for Primary Tooth Pulpectomy

  • Teeth with nonrestorable crowns.
  • Infection involving & extending to the permanent tooth bud.
  • Pathologic resorption of at least one - third of the root with pus.
  • Excessive internal resorption.


Procedure is the same as Root Canal Treatmen t in adults except that the final filling material used is a resorbable material like Zinc Oxide Eugenol.