Clear orthodontic aligners can straighten teeth without wires and brackets used in conventional orthodontics.

Clear Aligners are an alternative to traditional braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. They use a gradual force to control tooth movement but without metal wires or brackets. They are a series of removable, clear plastic trays that gradually straighten teeth.

Aligners have to be worn for 22 hours per day. Each aligner is worn for three weeks before changing to the next one.The length of treatmet depends on the severity of each case. they can be as short as three weeks or as long as six months. it is still a much shorter treatment than traditional braces.

Formerly recommended only for adult patients, they now come with special features like compliance indicators to tell how often you've been wearing them that make them appropriate for teens.


  • Clear aligners are removable so it is easier for you to brush and floss after meals.
  • They are easier to keep clean.
  • They are more comfortable and less likely to irritate your gums and cheeks They prevent tooth wear from grinding.